About us

What is GameOverHate?

GameOverHate is an online initiative created by two gamers who were part of the Council of Europe’s No Hate Speech Movement who were interested in joining together the different discussions about digital culture, gaming and human rights. GOH aims to tackle hate and toxic behavior in online gaming spaces and to foster diversity and inclusion in digital culture. We had our first conference back in 2013 in Budapest (more info on that here) and ever since that we have been participating in conversations about digital and geek culture and digital discrimination.

Our aims with the events are to empower gamers+ to understand, recognize and challenge toxic behavior in gaming spaces, to create a network of like-minded gamers/thinkers/activists, to encourage the development of community based actions, to share good case practices on challenging hate and fostering inclusion in gaming spaces and to strengthen the links between gamers, developers, community managers and game critics.




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