Application to Game Over Hate’s next event is now open!

The interwebz are changing, can you feel it? More and better diversity can be found in videogames: be it MMOs, indies, wild battle arenas or more quiet introspective discoveries things are improving.

But more than just splash in waters of awesome gaming, what we want is to fully dive into an unapologetic sea of positive and remarkable gaming experiences! We lust for videogames filled with fairplay, competition, diversity and challenge. Community & Adventure, Gaming communities with a heart and soul.

We want our friends and the friends of our friends to play along with us and at the same time we also wanna that awesome feeling of just shutting off in our room and just grind a single player RPG to it’s completion.

GameOverHate is here to discuss and to envision a world just like that. We bring gamers, activists and all around awesome European folk together and we set up to forge new friendships, clans and unforgettable gaming week.

This time, Vienna is the place and the date is August 7th to 13th.

Feel like up to the task and want to spend a week with like minded gamers in the capital of Austria? Apply now and GLHF!

Apply here:

Preliminary programme:


Travel reimbursement:
Travel reimbursements will be done after the event and up to the maxima outlined in the table below:

Austria (outside Vienna)
Denmark Germany Norway Sweden Portugal
€20.00 €170.00 €170.00 €170.00 €170.00 €270.00

More info here: