Call for Participants – GameOverHate: Competition and Inclusion – Gothenburg 23rd-29th November 2015

    Welcome to the thunderdome!

Competition is a catalyst for motivation and it engages players over a long periods of time. With the rise of e-sports, more and more games aim for competitiveness and seek ways to pit players against each other. Can we enable fair play and healthy competition while allowing space for those constantly looking for the next headshot or pentakill? We think so, let’s talk about it!

GameOverHate invites you to our upcoming event on competition and inclusion in the beautiful city of Gothenburg from 23rd-29th November 2015. In our programme we will look to the phenomena of angry losers and classless winners alike, as well as the role models we look up to and all different online game types. Together as a group we want to explore possibilities that encourage fair play and competition and increase the diversity of the different competitive scenes.

The cherry on top of this week (sure to be filled with creative battles of the wits), will be a field visit to the crazy-popular Dreamhack Winter. With free floor passes, provided by Dreamhack itself we will join the biggest LAN Party in the world on Saturday (28/11) and see what all that e-sport talk is about!

If you are somewhere between 16 and 30 years old, living in Austria, Denmark, Germany, Norway, Sweden or Portugal and want to join our event, and feel up to our challenge, fill up the application form. Selected participants will be notified end of October.

Travel costs are partially reimbursed, food and accommodation are covered through the Erasmus+ Programme. For this event we need to charge 20,- € participation fee, in order to cover all costs.
For further information on the project and the conditions, check our original post here:

GLHF! (Good Luck, Have Fun!)