gameoverhate comes to a closure with a bang!

Spectacular event to close our four training series in 2015/2016. We have grown a lot since our start in Vienna in 2015. Our hosts this time where the Ministry of Youth as well as the first Viennese esport bar Respawn. We had so much stuff to try out! After a brief introduction to Digital Game-based Learning we settled into our clans to collaborate and strive for mastery. With two play days in Respawn we tried something new. Next to our well seasoned Heroes of the Storm we also had a tournament in Overwatch. FPS seemed way more accessible for newbies. Next to the matches we had awesome relaxation areas, were the clans met in between matches, collected advice and discussed strategy.
We ended the play days with intense reflection periods alongside common play roles. It was interesting to hear why people picked their play styles and how they would like to improve the teamplay. Common notions were: keep the chat clear, clearly assign roles and adapt asap! We got much more insights to be published later.
Sadly our free afternoon was the only rainy day but our gamers still had a great time exploring the city and checking out sights, food and shops. For those who would melt in the rain we also introduced some of the hottest gamer locations in Vienna. We want to ZAMSpielen and watched a public let’s play of No Mans Sky and went to VREI, the first VR Lounge (anywhere?)!
The week ended in some very heavy debates. Who would have thought some people are still triggered by Anita Sarkeesian? We still recommend watching her videos and learn about sexist tropes in videogames! The debates hopefully broadened some horizons and wouldn’t crush our group spirit.
After way too much pizza and sandwiches we are happy to have met so many great people throughout the project. It is true, playing 20min videogames together will tell you more about a person than if you talk for a day. We have gained so much insight, explored the rich facettes of gaming culture and experienced such great teamplay moments and group dynamics that we are definitely looking forward to more projects to come!
Some of us went straight on to Gamescom to keep our gaming passion going. Hope to see you all again soon!