GameOverHate Events 2015/2016 Applications Now Open!

GameOverHate is an initiative for gamers+ interested in discussing the challenges associated with contemporary online gaming in regards to diversity, competition, toxic behaviour and the future of the medium. In the upcoming months we will be hosting a series of conferences in Europe with different topics where like-minded gamers can meet, exchange experiences, game together and discuss what our role is in shaping the gaming spaces we inhabit.

To apply to any of our upcoming events, fill in the application found here (Link).

We’re accepting applicants from the following countries: Austria, Denmark, Germany, Norway, Portugal and Sweden. Travel costs, food and accommodation covered by GameOverHate and according to the rules you can read about below.


The Events:
Our four events will happen specifically in cities and during dates where big game events are happening in Europe and that will give us the chance to create synergies between both events and to participate as a group in the external ones. All four of the GameOverHate will be one week long and will share the initial programme (specifically created to connect the different agendas and topics of all the events and where the initial discussions will always start.) We are expecting a group of 30 persons to each event.

Event 1 | September 2015 | “Gender and Sexuality in Videogames”
Discussing gender and sexuality based hate in videogames and the representation of female and LGBTQ characters in gaming culture.
When: 28th September – 4th October 2015 | Where: Vienna, Austria | Side Event: GameCity Vienna

Event 2 | November 2015 | “Esports and Competition”
Discussing how competition and fair play can come together in gaming spaces. How can tournaments and conventions be places inclusive and fun for all?
When: November 2015, before Dreamhack Winter | Where: Jönköping, Sweden | Side Event: Dreamhack Winter

Event 3 | April 2016 | “Gaming Diversity”
Everything you need to know about diversity in gaming!
When: April 2016 | Where: Berlin, Germany | Side Event: International Games Week

Event 4 | Summer 2016 | “Gaming Bootcamp”
Gaming 101, nooks and crannies of digital gaming culture.
When: January 2016 | Where: Vienna, Austria | Side Event: Central European Games Conference (CEGC)

Network of EuRopean Digital Youth, Cowardly Queer, Sverok, Hyperion, Bifrost, Amadeu Antonio Stiftung.



What is GameOverHate?
GameOverHate is an online initiative created by two gamers who were part of the Council of Europe’s No Hate Speech Movement who were interested in joining together the different discussions about digital culture, gaming and human rights. GOH aims to tackle hate and toxic behaviour in online gaming spaces and to foster diversity and inclusion in digital culture. We had our first conference back in 2013 in Budapest (more info on that here) and ever since that we have been participating in conversations about digital and geek culture and digital discrimination.

Our aims with the events are to empower gamers+ to understand, recognize and challenge toxic behaviour in gaming spaces, to create a network of like-minded gamers/thinkers/activists, to encourage the development of community based actions, to share good case practices on challenging hate and fostering inclusion in gaming spaces and to strengthen the links between gamers, developers, community managers and game critics.

The target of the events are active gamers, community leaders, game critics, developers, community manager, online activists, researchers and anyone actively involved with gaming culture, ages 18-30. For this events we’re only accepting applicants living in Austria, Denmark, Germany, Norway, Portugal and Sweden.

We encourages applicants from all ethnic, cultural, and migrant backgrounds to apply, as well as all socio-economic situations and all sexual orientations and gender identities and expressions. It’s possible to apply and participate in more than one event, but preference will be give to persons who haven’t already participated in any other event.

Working methods:
We emphasize a participatory approach to learning, utilizing non-formal education methods and game-based education. The programme will also contain a limited number of formal education sessions from outside resource persons, though the primary approach will be activity-based and participant centered. The curriculum will be conducted in English.

Costs and practical arrangements:
All accommodation and food will be provided by the organization. Travel expenses will be reimbursed upon distance band, up to the limits according to the Erasmus+ Programme (see table below). Sverok will support the reimbursements of Swedish participants to cover additional costs above the limit. Reimbursements will take place by bank transfer after the conference, upon delivery of the receipts.

Austria Denmark Germany Norway Sweden Portugal
Event 1 – Vienna, Austria €20.00 €170.00 €170.00 €170.00 €170.00 €270.00
Event 2 – Jönköping, Sweden €170.00 €80.00 €170.00 €80.00 €20.00 €270.00
Event 3 – Vienna, Austria €20.00 €170.00 €170.00 €170.00 €170.00 €270.00
Event 4 – Berlin, Germany €170.00 €80.00 €20.00 €170.00 €170.00 €270.00

Arrival is expected on the day before the first programme day, departure will be expected on the last programme day. Preliminary agendas will be sent to the participants before the events.

Participants selection process:
The preparatory team will review all complete applications. Participants will be selected upon the motivation and on how well they meet the criteria of the ideal participant profile above. Successful applicants will be notified by email 1 month before the event.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at gameoverhate[at] or through our facebook page.

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