gameoverhate – more competition needs more inclusion

After a week well spent the second gameoverhate event in our 2015/2016 line finished on 29th November. What an event it has been! An event full of videogames, discussion, cooking together, city exploration amidst the dark and cold winter nights in Gothenburg. Not to forget Dreamhack! We gathered 24 people to discuss competition and inclusion. With some hardcore competitioners and some newcomers, who took their first steps to MOBAs in the programme, we adressed some core themes of what is needed to have everyone compete in videogames without prejudice. The main tool we saw was Code of Conducts. We took a peak into the new eSport Code of Conduct about to be developed by our Swedish partners from Sverok.

With fabulous cooking skills from the group we had comfort food for the evenings, enjoyed alongside a variety of board games, protecting humanity from dragons, ancient ones and evil corporations. We practiced the traditional scandinavian art of egg dropping and listened to the tales of Felix. Our clans competed in the real world and in the digital playground, concluding everything is awesome if you play as a team.

We spend the last day going to Dreamhack, the biggest LAN Party in the world. It was a massive event, full of gamers, competition and people sleeping in their seats in the middle of the day. Cosplay competitions, live tournaments and eSport stars left impressions left and right to take home and cherish. Meeting esport starlets in the cafeteria is the cherry on top!

Our conclusions from the week:
Teamplay is awesome!
MOBAs can be hard, a friendly intro helps
Group contacts are important, and awesome!
Gothenburg is cold but awesome!
Dreamhack = awesome!
Participants, you guessed it, were awesome too!

We are really looking forward to the next event in Berlin.