Draft Programme

This past week we had our first meeting in Budapest as a team to prepare what is growing to become the GameOverHate conference. Our diverse backgrounds shaped a programme that will introduce the serious issues of online violent behavior in the gaming communities, without compromising our ever-present geeky humor and excitement. (As the meme goes, “don’t worry! we’re from the Internets”)

Below you can read our drafted programme whose focus remains on forging a community of players that do not only understand and recognize hateful behaviors that happen in online gaming spaces but also proactively act to change them. 

To achieve this goal we – as gamers, activists, part of the online gaming culture – will play games, discuss and debate together, listen to and talk with journalists, academics and game developers so to, hopefully, broaden our own world views, grasp the gaming communities at a larger scale and learn and craft as a group.

We’ll work towards the encouragement and development of community based actions, the continuous sharing of good online practices and the creation of a common set of recommendations from players on the development of better online gaming communities.

Draft Programme GameOverHate