Polygon reports on Game Over Hate’s first conference. Check after minute 1:06 on the video. (Update: interview)

“"We understand that games are a very specific online environment that needs specific conversations, debates and experts and we want to create a meaningful discussion around this topic,” reads the event page. “We don’t want to only focus on the problem itself and the reasons behind it, but also in trying to find solutions and good case practices around the industry, in different communities and various players experiences.”

The week-long event will include talks, debates and gaming sessions focused on helping participants learn how to create and maintain more inclusive online gaming spaces. Attendees will learn what drives the negativity and abusive speech from some players and how developers, community managers and other industry members can prevent and combat it.“

«GTFO: A Film About Women in Gaming» will premiere on GameOver Hate

We’re super excited to announce that Shannon Sun-Higginson, the mastermind behind GTFO – A Film About Women in Gaming, gave us permission to premiere the movie at our conference.

The documentary is still in the making but it’s already making waves around the web. The kickstarter project got it’s funding and now the team is finishing shooting the movie and doing the post production.

On a side note, it’s great to notice that a new trend in talking about discrimination in gaming communities exists and that even though there’s always backlash surrounding these projects, there’s also support that guarantees that initiatives like these do get funded and talked about online.

So if you wanna make sure to catch the premier of the movie, apply to the conference. The application period ends on July 31. Haste!